Annual Reports

The Annual Report for 2011-12 has been published. We have gone in for a format that is shorter and focused on activities and outputs. The process oriented information would be updated on this website for those interested in details of the work. By this, we hope to make the report report-friendly and also save on the costs of printing the annual report. Do tell us your thoughts on this by email to kf at keystone-foundation dot org.

You can download and read the report below.

  Annual Report 2011-2012 (16.1 MiB)  [View online!]

Annual Reports

  Annual Report 2014-2015 (1.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  LFE Annual Report 2014-15 Icon (111.5 KiB)  [View online!]

  Annual Report 2013-2014 (8.6 MiB)  [View online!]

  Annual Report 2012-2013 (9.8 MiB)  [View online!]

  Annual Report 2011-2012 (16.1 MiB)  [View online!]

  Annual Report 2010-11 (10.8 MiB)  [View online!]

  Annual Report 2009 (7.9 MiB)  [View online!]

  Annual Report 2008 (4.8 MiB)  [View online!]

  Annual Report 2005 (1.0 MiB)  [View online!]

  Annual Report 1998 (1.6 MiB)  [View online!]

  Annual Report 1997 (118.7 KiB)  [View online!]

  Annual Report 1996 (4.3 MiB)  [View online!]

  Annual Report 1994-95 (4.4 MiB)  [View online!]

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