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Attempt to make Farming and Beekeeping go hand in hand

Apiculture was reintroduced as a major programme after the programme restructuring had taken place earlier this year.  We decided to offer more trainings on apiculture to students, tribal and non- tribal farmers and others to help them understand the Continue Reading...

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Group Building and Institutional Development
Gooseberry being dried at a value addition centre

The programme is committed to work¬ing with and through a variety of village organizations in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. During the year, we worked with 14 indigenous farmer’s groups, 13 groups working under the aegis of the Participatory Guarant Continue Reading...

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Support to Agriculture

Almost a half of the agricultural lands in possession by the indigenous people lies fallow in the Reserve. The contributing factors to name a few are – lack of agricultural credit, high risk of wildlife raids and inadequate marketing support for trad Continue Reading...

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Kitchen Garden

Our relatively small but important initiative on promoting kitchen gardens continued this year. About 15 varieties of seeds were supplied to about 50 families through the year. An information stall was set up at the Annual Vegetable Show organized Continue Reading...

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