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Confined by Culture yet yearning for prosperity

Frequently we host visitors from different organisations and institutions who arrive to assimilate the kind of work we undertake as an organisation with the indigenous communities. The visit is usually an exposure trip during which they observe, inte Continue Reading...

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Guidance towards better health

There are several factors that contribute to maintaining good health. By good health, we mean both physical and mental health. Which is largely disconnected in today’s world. We fail to understand how physical health can Continue Reading...

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Attempt to make Farming and Beekeeping go hand in hand

Apiculture was reintroduced as a major programme after the programme restructuring had taken place earlier this year.  We decided to offer more trainings on apiculture to students, tribal and non- tribal farmers and others to help them understand the Continue Reading...

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Radio Kotagiri conducts eye camp

Radio Kotagiri (90.4 MHz) was granted a project by the Department of Science & Technology to raise awareness on “Health and Nutrition” for women in our region, earlier this year. As a part of the project, our radio team planned and administered a Continue Reading...

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Honey Portal

The genesis of Keystone Foundation is rooted in honey; it was the focal point of the journey undertaken by our founders of Keystone that culminated in setting up a base in Kotagiri and beginning the work with honey hunters in the NBR. Through honey, Continue Reading...

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A small step to save the earth.
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It is the epitome of irony, the earth that helps all organisms to flourish, needs to be saved. The World Environment Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of June, to raise awareness on growing concerns, global warming and climate chang Continue Reading...

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A fight for their rights!

  Keystone Foundation along with VRDP, CIOSA, TPFLR & Samanvaya, hosted and participated in a workshop on the Forest Rights Act & Livelihoods in Tamil Nadu, on the 1st of June. The object of the workshop was to layout the p Continue Reading...

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Wayanad Nature Interpretation Center

June 9th 2017, a nature interpretation centre has been completed in the Muthanga forests, one of the ranges of the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. Kerala Forest Department proposed this initiative and Keystone had to bid for the contract via t Continue Reading...

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