Training of Trainers April 2019 Vaagdhara Banswara, Rajasthan 25-04-2019.
Trainers: Mr. Robert Leo Mr. Rajesh Pandian

At this stage of the Switch Asia project funded by WHH, our partners Vaagdhara had registered 200 PGS groups onto the NCOF portal. Keystone Foundation have verified and activated 30 groups and the rest are in the process. As a next step, peer review must be conducted for all the groups and their meeting and training registers have to be uploaded online. Only after which the scope certificates can be generated. The staffs and field managers of Vaagdhara required a capacity building workshop to efficiently complete the above-mentioned procedures. Thus this training was planned along with the project review meeting held at Vaagdhara Campus, Banswara. The details of this training are as follows…

On-Farm Organic Inputs

Vaagdhara office staffs and 20 other field staffs attended the training. The training started off with an introductory session for us to become familiar with the field staffs that are responsible for 5 blocks namely, Sajjangarh, Kushalgarh, Gatol, Anandpuri and Gangad Thalai. The Peer Review form, which was in both Hindi and English, was explained point by point to the field staffs. Every doubt that was raised by the field staffs was clarified until they became familiar with the forms.

The procedure to perform a peer review was orally explained and a sample peer review was conducted by actually interviewing a farmer. We conducted a transect walk to observe the farm and its components. This gave the field staffs a practical experience and built their capacity to train the farmers on the same.

Post lunch we gathered again to upload the peer review details that was conducted earlier. All details collected during the peer review were uploaded to the NCOF portal by the Vaagdhara staff with our guidance. The meeting and Training details were also uploaded and finally, a sample scope certificate for the farmer was generated. This completes the online PGS group maintenance process.

Thus all the major aspects right from the formation of the group till generating scope certificates were covered and all the attendees were trained to carry out the tasks involved in proper PGS group maintenance. The training was a very successful one.