On the 9th December, a public talk and discussion on issues of Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC) was organised by the Nilgiri Natural History Society at Mudhaiya Hall, Ramesh Hotel, Kotagiri. About thirty people from The Kotagiri Wildlife Association, Kotagiri Drivers Association, Kotagiri Market Association, a group of farmers from Nedugula and others interested attended.

The resource people for this event was Samraj Gowder Thonthai and Robert Leo. Samraj mainly spoke about what HWC is and that the best scenario would imply integrated community development and wildlife conservation. After a very informative and educational talk Leo set off a discussion where people could share their experiences and thoughts about the subject. Representatives from the Forest Department were present and were addressed various questions and complaints of those gathered.

Issues such as elephants destroying agricultural fields and leopards preying on domestic animals were spoken about.