Kids are always on toes to run around and find new things. Energy and Enthusiasm buzz in them. There are some 40 such kids of Irula Tribe, studying in all classes from Balvaadi to 10th std at Arepalyam Village, where Keystone Field Ecology Centre Sathyamanagalam(KFECS) is located. On 16/09/2018 Sunday, a short Half day event on Conservation Education was organized at KFECS. 20 Kids turned around to participate in it.

It began with an Ice breaking session, where kids were given animals name in secret and they had to find their family by making the sounds of animals. Once the family of animals were found, they discussed their favourite animal/tree/bird/etc and the reason behind their liking. Each one presented it with their name and class.

Following which the movie, Fragile Treasure by Keystone foundation was played. Though in English Kids enjoyed the movie especially the scenes with animals and forest. It was a bit difficult for them to get through the excerpts of the people in the movie. Therefore the same was explained after the movie and a small discussion on why NBR is a treasure, and why it is called fragile was taken up. Kids were happy to say about the animals they have seen and places they have been to outside of Arepalyam. Real experience on watching honey hunting was mentioned by few kids when they had been to their relative places in other villages.

Later on, they were divided into two groups, and NBR maps were rendered to them. Each has to observe different places in it like mountain peaks, rivers, towns, forest etc. Based on it a small game was played. In which, the group that finds the said place soon will bag a point. It was taken up very competitively and with high spirits.

Before calling it a day, Kids were asked to share their experience of the day and most liked part. Different answers came up. Also amongst the kids, two were chosen as harbingers to spread the word on next event organized. With the smile of joy, they parted having biscuits and tea.

By Bhavya George (Subject Coordinator – Field Courses and Research)