10Wasundhara Joshi & Sankar Subramaniam, Change Works – a Organisation Development Consultants firm from Mumbai were here for four days to facilitate an Appreciative Inquiry workshop with Keystone and LFE. In 2007, we had called them and their ideas, perspectives on using an Appreciate Inquiry towards Organizational Development & Human Resources Development helped a great deal. It was felt that seven years down the line, especially with the 20 years completion, there was a need to call them and have an internal look at the our destiny, dreams and future design in the coming 10 years. A similar exercise we had done with Bharat Krishnan with the communities during the 20 years celebration and what are the future trajectories. This is more to look at oneself and see how we do things and how we need to change doing things. There is excitement and positive feeling all around in the campus with the 2 organizations – both done separately. Visioning and placing the priorities for the next 10 years has started to be drawn.