A team that is constantly innovating! It is one of the groups where there is always some action. The administration takes up communication, postage and delivery, bank transactions, security and cleaning of offices, etc. They have to constantly adopt to the days’ needs and this they have identified as one of their key area – to develop a mechanism for coping with change.

Keystone is a public charitable institution under the the Indian Trust Act 1882. It was registered on the 19th of November 1993 in Pondicherry and later, during 2003, the registered office was changed to Kotagiri.

The accounts are maintained under three separate heads, namely Foreign Contribution (FC), Organic Market Development (OMD) and Rupee Contribution (RC). The accounts team aims to provide timely and useful reports, analytical reports for better project planning and this is one of their focus areas.

To receive grants from foreign donors, Keystone is registered under the FCRA act vide  Registration No. 075970103. Our Bankers for the FCRA a/c are Standard Chartered Bank, Coimbatore.

Keystone promotes marketing of Organic and Tribal products through retail shops popularly known as ‘GREENSHOP’ and wholesale marketing is done from the Hive. For marketing, Keystone is registered under the VAT Act (2005) vide No.33962560660 and for Inter-state sales it is registered under the CST Act (1956) vide No.342465.

Rupee Contribution account deals with the local donations received. Donations to Keystone Foundation are exempt under section 80 G of the Income Tax  Act. It also holds the ‘Srikanth Joshi Endowment Fund’ under which we support upcoming NGOs and scholarships for students – small, diverse and interesting initiatives. The fund was setup by Shrikant’s friends who wanted his work to continue as an inspiration to those who knew him.

Staff & Statutory benefits: Keystone staff participate in the Employees Provident Fund, where they save 24% of their salary every month (12% Employer and 12% Employee contribution), which is given to them when they leave service.

Keystone  provides gratuity benefits for its staff. It was implemented in the year 2006 and staff who  leave service after 5 years are eligible for gratuity. Gratuity is calculated as – Wages as on date of leaving x 26/ 30x Number of years of service.

Medical benefits: Staff are eligible to reimburse their medical bills upto Rs. 6000 per year and are insured till Rs. 50,000 for accidents and illnesses.