I really dont know where to start but there has been so many things happening and we seemed to have taken a break from writing on the net – as usual there has been a spate of travels and I might not be able to catch everybody’s action but will attempt to do some justice:

– Sumin was away in the UK at the University of Leeds working with data (dont ask me what data)… trying to analyze and make sense. This was a collaborative effort with Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF), Mysore and I think apart from the cold of Nov-Dec, he survived and enjoyed himself. The tough part was that he had been accepted for a workshop in the US but could not get a visa…. better luck next time.

– Pratim was away in many places – in Chennai for a meeting with the PCCF and the Forest Department; in Mangalore for a core group meeting of the Save Western Ghats Movement; in Delhi, where we have been granted a license by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting for starting a community radio.

– Bala & Easwar to Sirsi to spend a few days with Prakruti to help improve accounting systems so that information systems are more well organized