The UN describes capacity development as “the process by which people, organisations and society systematically stimulate and develop their capacities over time to achieve social and economic goals. It is a concept that extends the term of capacity-building to encompass all aspects of creating and sustaining capacity growth over time. It involves various types of training and learning, but also continuous efforts to develop institutions, political awareness, financial resources, technology, and the wider enabling environment.”

Keystone sees capacity development as at the heart of our work as we seek to create sustainable, empowered and lasting change. Capacity development encompasses education, outreach, and necessitates collaborative efforts with other organisations in order to grapple with the diverse and urgent issues at hand.

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The combination of all the strengths, attributes and resources available within an organization, community or society to manage and reduce disaster risks and strengthen resilience.

Capacity may include infrastructure, institutions, human knowledge and skills, and collective attributes such as social relationships, leadership and management.

source: UN




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