Though there is a rationale history behind celebrating International Women’s Day on 8th March, it is essentially observed to value women rights, cancel gender prejudices and honour women across all nations for their achievements throughout history.

Empowering women by providing employment has been an integral part of our work.  At our four production centers located in rural areas, the ratio of women employees is higher than men. Employment gives these women economic support for sustenance, freedom to make choices and gives them an equivalent voice in decision making.

However, to acknowledge this, we celebrated women’s day along with women from our working areas – Pillur, Sigur, Hasanur, Aracode, Konvakarai, and women from Toda & Kota communities in the Nilgiris.

A total of 170 women took part in the celebrations.  The event kicked off by lighting Dhupa (Incense) – a customary tradition at Keystone. A rally across the town took place, after which, it was followed by a session for sharing personal stories to inspire each other to be resilient. Employees of Radio Kotagiri performed a skit on self-care practices during pregnancy to the gathering. Women from the Kota community performed the traditional dance that uplifted the rest of them to take part in it.

We take this opportunity to thank each one of them for partaking in the event and making it joyous day.