Ashok hails from Nedukalcombei village. He is a reporter for the Nilgiri Semmai Sudhi newspaper for which he collects stories from the villages located in his region. He also plays a role in the Water & Sanitation programme for which he collects data by monitoring spring discharge and collecting rainfall data.  


Chandran is 29 years old and hails from the village of Nellimarathur. He works for the Nilgiri Semmai Sudhi reported and assists the Community Well-being team by involving in conducting trainings on bio-inputs and organic agriculture. And is a part of the Using Diversity project, which aims to collect traditional seeds.


  Dhanalakshmi is from Maligopaiyur village located in the Aracode region. She completed a nursing course in 2016 from Kotagiri. At Keystone, she volunteers for the Health & Wellness team. As a Community Health worker, her role is to help the people of the community access basic health & medical care. 



 Janaki amma is 56 years old Kurumba lady who hails from vellaricombei village. She has been involved closely with the Community Wellbeing programme at Keystone. She was selected to be a director in the Board of the Aadhimalai Pazhangudiyinar Producer Company – Wholly owned by indigenous communities.  

Ganga Vadhi

Ganga Vadhi belongs to the Kota tribe. She has been working for Semmai Sudhi newspaper for the past 5 years. Previously her husband Mahadevan was a volunteer for Semmai Sudhi from whom she took over. She collects news from 26 villages in Kil Kotagiri. She also assists in helping those who cannot read in the villages. 



Mahendran is 40 years old. He has been working with Keystone as a resource person since 2006. He hails from Mavanatham village in Hasanur region. He is in charge of collecting stories for the Nilgiri Seemai Sudhi newspaper. He collects them from 36 villages located in the Hasanur Area. 


Muthish Kutan

  Muthish is from Bikupatthy Mund – A Toda hamlet located 27 km from Kotagiri. He works as a reporter for the Semmai Sudhi newspaper. He solely collects news and stories from other Toda villages located in different parts of Nilgiris. He has been working as a volunteer for more than 5 years and is still continuing in his role.   



  Shanmugham is a 54-year-old belonging to the Irula community. He is from the Nerammokkai village. He is working in 42 villages in the Aracode and sources news items for the Nilgiri Seemai Sudhi.  He also assists the Health & Wellness team by ensuring that patients continue their medications.  


  Thangamani hails from the Sigur plateau located on the northern slopes of the Nilgiris. She completed a course on understanding Mental health and illness from Ashwini hospital, Gudalur in 2016. Her interest in the subject of health grew while she was serving as a Community Health Worker.  



  Vasantha is a 33-year-old, who has been working with Keystone since 2014. She is from Sigur and has been assigned work in 15 villages in that area. She also volunteers for the Water programme team in their surveys in the Sigur region. She recently completed a basic course on Computers so she can enter her data on the server by herself.    

Hill Waters & Wetlands for Communities and Wildlife.


The main objective of the project is to ensure water equity and water security for human and wildlife population. It is being implemented in 3 regions – Kotagiri, Kookal Thorai & Aracode.

(All stewards under this project have the same roles and responsibilities but are assigned to different regions. Their roles and responsibilities involve monitoring water resources & wildlife movements besides carrying out restoration activities and coordinating community meetings. The Aracode region has more stewards because the number of  water resources is more in number compared to other regions)



David is a 24-years old and is a native of Kotagiri. He monitors water resources & wildlife movements in the areas he is being assigned to.



  Dharmarasi is a 20-year-old who belongs to the Irula tribe. She is from Kandipatty, a village in the Aracode region.   



  Dharmalingam is a 21-year-old Irula boy from Garikyur village located in the Aracode region.   


Muthusamy is from Maligopaiyur –  a village in the aracode region. He is 25 years old. 


Kanagalakshmi is the youngest Community Resource Person at Keystone. She is a 17 year old who hails from Masakal village. 



Moorthy is a 28 years old from Kokkal Thorai village. He carries out his work in the areas assigned to him.


Nathiya is 20 years old. She is from Bangalapadigai, an Irula village in the Aracode region.


  Ponnama was previously a volunteer for our Community Radio. Currently she is a steward for this project.  


Prakash is 26 years old. Prior to this, he worked as a volunteer for the water programme. 


Ranganathan is from Garikyur, a village located in the Aracode region.

Sashi Kumar

Sashi Kumar is an Irula from Garikyur village in the Aracode region.


Prior to her role as a steward, Shylaja was a volunteer for the Community Radio.


Soumiya is from Masakal village in Kokkal Thorai. She is 22 years old.




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