The Appropriate Technology (AT) arm at Keystone promotes, designs, applies, and builds capacity for appropriate technologies for improving rural livelihoods. Keystone looks to build sustainable livelihoods, develop sustainable enterprises, conserve natural resources to improve the quality of life and environment among indigenous and rural communities in the NBR. The guiding principles are the efficient use of human labour, cost effectiveness, relevance to grass root applications, and the use of renewable energy.

Keystone’s current work on appropriate technology is focused on skill development for rural youth, showing local communities new technologies in processing and value addition of forest and farm produce, farming skills, and conserving pollinators. AT develops and trains the community on pre- and post-harvest processing, cultivation operations, and effective packaging for the market. Trainings include processing of grains, pulses and cereals; hygienic drying of fruits and nuts; and vacuum packing products to increase shelf life.