Appropriate Technology (AT) works to promote the practice of Apiculture within farming communities with the dual purpose of augmenting existing incomes of the farmers and conserving the environment. An appropriate technology in apiculture with tribals has to allow for local resources, their way of life, their outlook, their skills, traditions and their special relationship to the environment around them. Most of the time, it is a process which first involves unlearning our ideas, education and biases before we can even start to understand even a microcosm of their perspectives and thinking.

In 1994 the first Appropriate technology project by Keystone was established. The project was initiated as a pilot-scale project to discover an appropriate way of rearing bees, making the hives in the village. The work on the hives has become a community effort, with both Keystone and the beekeepers finding great pride in their work. From there it has expanded and become more sophisticated, including everything from beehive-development to inventing new honey filtering techniques and expanding on management methods. Hundreds of training, workshops and lectures have been carried out since The start – with the purpose of refining the fine art of beekeeping.