There are four types of honeybee species found naturally in India: The Giant Rock Bee (Apis dorsata), The Asian Honey Bee (Apis cerana), The Little (or Dwarf) Honey Bee (Apis florea), and Dammer Bees (Trigona spp and Melipona spp.). All these species of honey bee vary in size, behaviour, and how they build nests. Honey bee distribution is found across India, throughout Asia, and the Trigona spp. are found across the equatorial region of the entire world.

During 2017, extensive work was done to gather all the information on the Nilgiris bees in a honey portal, a site that aims to gather and share knowledge on honey, honey bees and their connection to the indigenous communities across India. A lot of the research and data can also be found stored at the Bee Museum in Ooty. Opening in 2009, the Bee Museum was transformed in 2015 becoming Place to Bee, a slow food restaurant. Despite the change, much of the material of the original Bee Museum remains, and the restaurant hosts many of the same exhibitions about bees as were had before.