The Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA) works with grassroots funds to support women’s voices and leadership by advocating for policies and legal frameworks which respect, protect and fulfil women’s rights. At the same time, GAGGA seeks to influence funding flows to ensure they reach grassroots groups and movements, where the Alliance believes they will have the most impact.

Developed by the environmental development organization Both Ends, which is one of the key partners in many of Keystones’ endeavours, GAGGA’s goal is to catalyse the collective power of the women’s rights and environmental justice movements towards realising a world in which women exercise their rights to water, food security, and a clean, healthy, safe environment. GAGGA believes that both women’s rights and environmental justice movements have each achieved great success and positive strides in their respective spheres through the use of different methods and tactics. There is much they can learn from one another. The change needed to realize a better world requires the attention of both, working harmoniously and effectively together.