The current decade has seen increased human-wildlife conflicts in the fringe areas of the forests where Adivasi communities are located. This area has a long history of human-wildlife interactions in the landscape where changes in land-use patterns have led to disturbances or breaks to corridors of wildlife thereby causing straying of wildlife into human habitations. Besides crop, human and cattle casualties have also been frequent through tiger, bear, leopard and gaur attacks. In recent years, most regions in the Nilgiris are witnessing Gaur moving around in urban spaces like households, tea estates and agricultural fields and in some incidents even busy roads.

The HWI- (Human-Wildlife Interaction) project seeks to work with civil society organizations, local administration, state departments, communities and other relevant stakeholders with some of the long-term goals being policy changes, restoration of fragmented wildlife corridors and awareness within the general public about precautionary measures to prevent conflict situations.