Data and information plays an important role in supporting decision making by village communities and other stakeholders in development processes. We are continuously exploring applications of ICT, information and communication technology, for various purposes.

The philosophy of ‘open data’ underlies all aspects of our work. The communication component reinforces the belief that information is not merely to be collected, analysed and documented, but most importantly it has to reach the intended audience in a form that is most readily useful for them.

Given that Keystone’s work is publicly funded, it is appropriate that the outputs are available in the public domain. However, it is important to provide appropriate attribution to all the work for openness and accountability. We have chosen to license all outputs of Keystone including data, publications, reports, images, videos etc. under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY) open license. This means that anyone can reuse Keystone’s work in any form, for any purpose, in any medium and under any license provided they attribute the original work as Keystone’s. This is in keeping with trends internationally on sharing content in the public domain. As a corollary of this licensing, we are able to partner with portals such as the India Biodiversity Portal, Western Ghats Portal and India Water Portal, and share our data there.