Activities promoted through livelihood interventions of Keystone yielded organic and sustainably harvested products. Instead of selling it on the open market, an intervention was made to value-add and sell it locally. In 2004, a project to do value addition on Non-Timber Forest Produce was initiated by Keystone and the first centre was set up in a resource-rich area. The ambition was to do value addition work at a village level – a concept that was well-received and the resource centres began to multiply throughout the Nilgiris area.

As the value addition operations started to gain strength, it was felt that all the value addition activities must be brought under a single umbrella. The need to bring this under the control of the tribal community of the region was also felt as an imperative. The Farmer Producer Company as an organisational model was also gaining popularity across the country. In consultation with the leaders of the tribal communities in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and legal consultants, it was decided to register a Farmer Producer Company named Aadhimalai, in 2013.