Since its inception, Keystone has worked on documenting, preserving and revitalising local knowledge of the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve. Documentation of local culture, traditions, and imparting knowledge to younger generations form core areas of Keystone’s work.

Much of the documentation is about different tribes of Nilgiris – Irulas, Todas and Kurumbas. Keystone collects stories, rituals and songs from the communities and documents sacred sites, traditional handcraft and cultural knowledge.

Keystone also produces several publications from the communities concerning matters of traditional knowledge. The publications are written for the tribes and are produced in native language.

We also publishes an Indigenous Calendar yearly, documenting and describing both rituals and festivals of the communities. Every year has a theme, and stories come from many different tribes: Kurumbas, Irulas, Kotas, Todas, Kattunaickens, Cholanaickens, Aranadans, Sholigas and Paniyas all contribute to these publications, and their stories are written in multiple languages – Tamil, Malayalam and English – so that they are accessible to all.