Each year, 15-20 trainings are conducted on honey harvesting, processing and beekeeping. From 2004, trainings on NTFP value addition and processing has occurred in various villages, as well as separate trainings for NGO and Forest Department personnel so that they can improve their support to communities who use, sell, and depend on NFTPs.

Keystone has also been trying out basic skill development amongst women from Aadhimalai Pazhangudiyinar Producers Company, who use value-added products from farms and forests to supplement their nutrition and incomes. Also, training on pre- and post-harvesting processing, cultivation operations, effective packaging for the market, and bee colony multiplication skills are taught to indigenous youth.

There are also trainings that cover topics on organisational and human resource strengthening, systems development, financial and production management, and community enterprise federation. Marketing is given a special focus, especially since trends in green marketing and retail management can grant people harvesting NFTPs naturally a wider consumer base.