There are five production centres started by Keystone with local community support in the Nilgiris, which are adding value to NTFPs and organic agriculture produce. These production centres also act as multi-nodal training and capacity building centres.

Capacity building of value addition practices is an important livelihood strategy that Keystone aims to promote. With the registration of the Aadhimalai Pazhankudiyinar Producer Company, five of the production centres functioning under the Livelihoods Programme are now part of the producer company.

Value addition practices are difficult to enact, since there needs to be many levels of value addition so products can take advantage of low volume and high value, which is a core concept in promoting high quality organic goods on the market. By pursuing value-added farm and forest produce, indigenous groups can fetch better prices on the market and have increased storage time, while enhancing the income of indigenous communities involved in these activities more than engaging in high volume, low quality production.