1994. This was the year when beeswax for the first time was given a value: Rs 50 per kilo. Earlier, it used to be thrown as waste or given for a pittance to local traders. In the national and international market at the time, beeswax fetches a higher value than honey and can be made into both candles and personal care products. Over the course of multiple training sessions conducted by Keystone Foundation, the beekeepers have realised the value of beeswax and there are now a wide range of products made from something that usually was thrown away. The value addition also pertains to the quality development of the honey itself.

There has been an effort to build a strong development enterprise around the products resulting from honey hunting and beekeeping and today, the honey products are sourced from Keystones producer company Aadhimalai and sold through the market organisation Last Forest Enterprises, both earlier incubated by Keystone.