CST-nair1CTS, as he is called by his friends, is an Indian Forest Service Officer who in the late 1970s joined Centre for Development Studies to do his M.Phil in Applied Economics and left his mark on the place. He was also a very active member of the KSSP (People’s Science Movement). He became Director of the Kerala Forest Research Institute and later was in FAO, Bangkok and also in FAO, Rome as Director. Having worked in several countries in various capacities for over four decades, Dr. Nair has a highly diverse experience profile. He continues to be active in forests and forestry in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in policy analysis and capacity building. He has also written extensively on policy, economics and institutional issues including on forest administration, research and education. A concerned global citizen with wide-ranging experience, he is also a fine human being with an unassuming manner that belies his distinguished career. Dr. Nair lives in Wandoor, close to Nilambur in Kerala.