The Ecological Learning Collaboratory (ELC) meeting will take place on the May 29th to June 2nd, 2018. It envisages exploring the learning, dissemination, and innovation of ecological strategies in the development of just and sustainable food and healing systems rooted in place.

Five of our colleagues – Anita Varghese (Deputy Director), Robert Leo (Deputy Director), Jyotsna Krishnakumar (Prog.Coordinator), Abhishek.K.R (Add. Coordinator) and Nandan H.S. (SR. Manager – Last Forest Enterprises have departed to the United States of America to participate in the meeting.

Keystone Foundation and its sister organisations – Last Forest Enterprises, Aadhimalai Pazhangudiyinar Producer Company, Nilgiris Natural History Society are partners from India, besides partners from Malawi and Tanzania.

Stay tuned to get more updates.