The Green Shops are the marketing wings of the Enterprise Development Group. The shops sells products under the label of `Last Forest Natural Produce’  which conveys the significance of protecting and conserving the last remaining vestiges of our natural heritage. The popular acceptance while having a sales unit is to expand sales as much as possible. We differ from this school of thought as we feel that the greatest impact and the smallest ecological footprint will be visible when the origin of a product and its consumption is not very far from each other. This encouraged us to open `Green Shops’ in the three major towns of Nilgiris District.

The idea of having a chain of Green Shops was to have a space for promoting alternative lifestyles, as a resource base on topics related to Environment and Development. We strive to achieve a balance between customer demand and sustainable production. We are constantly trying to achieve a target that is economically and ecologically sustainable for both, the adivasis and forest resources. In addition to forest resources, we also promote many homestead produce like spices, traditional millet, tea and coffee. Besides, there are products from other development projects such as food items, handicrafts, textiles, pottery and so on.

The shops also serve as a promotional and educational unit for resource books, maps, posters and reports that are compiled as part of our projects.Availability of Last Forest Natural Produce

Products of the Organic Market Development Group are available at the 4 Green Shops and a host of other places:

Tamil Nadu


  1. The Green Shop, Inside the Green Hotel, #2270 Vinoba Road, Jayalakshmipuram, Mysore; ph 0821-4281883