The genesis of Keystone Foundation is rooted in honey; it was the focal point of the journey undertaken by our founders of Keystone that culminated in setting up a base in Kotagiri and beginning the work with honey hunters in the NBR. Through honey, we influence people’s lives through Last Forest Enterprise & Aadhimalai Pazhangudiyinar Producer Company Ltd; spinoffs of Keystone Foundation. They support the communities that traditionally practice honey hunting and act as intermediaries bringing their products to the market for a fair price, while ensuring sustainability of the bee populationIMG_20170620_165413.

On the 20th of June, we launched the website The idea behind this venture is be able to gather and share knowledge on honey, honey bees and their connection to the indigenous communities across India whose history, life, culture & traditions are related to it. The website is split into four sections, namely Honey, Honey Bees, Research & Conservation, and Indigenous Communities.

The first section attempts to give the reader a clear understanding, right from the evolutionary history of bees, their morphology to their distribution. Similarly the section on honey describes its notable attributes, and the use and trade of honey in India. The last two segments give a summary on two Biosphere reserves, the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and the Similipal Biosphere Reserve, and the indigenous communities residing in those forests. In future we are keen to extended and document more areas rich in biodiversity that helps the honey bee species flourish.

This is just a beginning of the Honey Portal; we hope this website will serve as a hub for individuals and organisations interested in this field. This was achieved with the help of Audra Bass, a fellow from the American Indian Foundation(AIF), who gathered inputs and ideas from different people and sources, that where consolidated to make this website possible.

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