This might be a little late in the day but Pratim has been selected for this prestigious scholarship under the Fulbright Program. Pratim is based at Cornell University, Ithaca and is looking at strategies for ensuring sustainable livelihoods and ethically based environmental policy with the aim to further environmental diplomacy among NGOs in India. Pratim has been away since August and completes his scholarship in May 2012.

It has been a rich experience for him interacting, learning and discussing various issues with a wide range of stakeholders. He is also closely working with the Critical Eco-system Partnership Fund (CEPF) in Washington to help build their new strategic policy for the next few years. He is working directly with Ms. Patricia Zurita, the Executive Director and hopes that the partnership will grow. Keystone is already a partner with CEPF in their current activities. CEPF is primarily working in the Western Ghats.