copy-of-img_20160907_07425910 September 2016, Hawaii: I realise, only now that I have come back to Hawaii after two years, how much I missed the place, people and the ocean. I think I could easily be a beach bum . The one thing I have done from the day I arrived is to go for a dip in the ocean at Waikiki. I have not missed a single day. Even if I slept at 1a.m. the night before, I would keep my date with the ocean – come 6 a.m. and I am there! I get an hour by the sea and it is as if the ocean takes away all my tiredness and leaves me refreshed for the long day ahead. A day that starts at 8 a.m. and ends not before 10 p.m. At one of the talks, a Hawaiian elder reminded those of us from terrestrial ecosystems that the “Oceans are our Continents”.

Anita Varghese