The Kasavas live in the northern part of the Nilgiri District and have large settlements, averaging 80 households. Their houses are small and neat. Presently, they are mainly built with the support of the Panchayat or the Forest Department. Living close to a wildlife rich area, these adivasis are adept in the forest. They are good NTFP collectors and have a high economic dependence on this activity. Most of the adivasis have land, which is left barren due to lack of water facilities. Since the land is rocky, it is seasonally planted with millet and vegetables. Crop destruction from wild animals is also a constant threat to them. They too, like the Irulas, collect NTFP in bulk and sell it to traders. They collect honey from trees and small rocks. They also hunt small game. The Kasavas are also herdsmen, looking after herds of cows, owned by the Badaga community from whom they get wages. However, this has created an extensive overgrazing pressure in the area. The whole area in which the Kasavas live, is under consideration for being declared a protected area.