The idea to revamp our website has been on our to-do list for a very long time. Revamping the entire website isn’t a task that can be taken lightly. It requires a great deal of thought and time. It includes – structure, design, building content – pictures & videos, maintaining consistency and then, organizing all of it piece by piece and putting them together require amazing patience and determination. Furthermore, if you were asked to do all of it over a span of three months – it is definitely a grueling mission. Since such complexity and intricacy was demanded, the idea remained on the shelf. But, we were on the verge of making an attempt to at least refurnish the content while sticking to the existing design and appearance.

Nevertheless, back in October 2017, we were expecting three interns (Dilan, Heidi & Jenny) from Sweden to arrive at Keystone – a decade long ongoing pact with The Swallows, Lund, Sweden – Keystone Foundations very first donor partner. The communications team discussed potential tasks that the interns could help with. There were two main deliverables related to the 25 years’ celebrations that were assigned to the interns– the redesigning of the website integrating content from inception of the organisation and a coffee table book on the 25 year journey across various themes. The website has seen a soft launch in the last week of January and will see more and more content going up in the next few weeks. The coffee table book is under production and we should have it out in February.

The new website re-designed with visitor focus

Our main focus was to improve the navigation system for all viewers.  The website has an improved menu functionality that will guide the visitor to the information relevant to them. The home page is bolstered with new videos, high quality pictures and a perspectives section – for viewers to get an insight about the people, their work and journey with the organization. From a text heavy website, it has transformed into a media-rich site integrated closely with social media updates.

As our mainstream programmes are revised every 3-5 years, the programmes section has been re-casted to ‘Themes’ – a section which covers all thematic areas that Keystone has been working on since the beginning. This also allowed us to capture the diversity of work undertaken over the last 25 years.  Each theme page has several components that are pertinent to the main theme.

Each theme page has a video on the respective theme, giving the visitor a brief introduction to its objectives, history and its development over the years. Below, the visitor can find the various components which are clickable and a drop down text box will appear.

It is also fully responsive with mobile and other portable devices.

Minds behind the blinds:

The website’s clear and intuitive design was ideated by the three interns –Dilan, Heidi & Jenny. They began working on it a week after their arrival in October 2017 and have managed to design, collect content from the respective people and consolidated all of it under one roof. The team at Keystone is very grateful for their dedication, diligence & professionalism.

We would also like to thank Gautham Sarang – the man who implemented the design in WordPress and helped us integrate the old and the new.

Going forward, we are looking forward to communicate regularly through new articles and notifications. We also plan to continue adding more video content  to provide you with all of the information you need regarding our areas of work- locally and globally. We hope it will create the experience you’re looking for when you pay us a visit online. We would appreciate your comments and feedback at communications [at] keystone-foundation [dot] org.