Linking and Learning Workshop among CordAid Partners on HIV/AIDS Mainstreaming

The workshop was organised by CordAid for its partner NGOs on 29-30 October. Bala attended the workshop and presented the work so far in Keystone on mainstreaming HIV/AIDS internally in the Staff Policy. The workshop was a good opportunity to learn from other NGOs working on varied mandates on how they are approaching HIV/AIDS mainstreaming. Some of the presentations also shared the experience of CordAid internationally especially in Africa where in some countries the prevalence rate is as high as 15%. A number of tools and methods to help assess the costs that an organisation would have to bear with respect to HIV/AIDS were discussed and are meant to be discussed internally by each participant organisation. These would help formulate the workplace policies better. The presentations by other organisations from across the country were informative regarding the challenges faced in different contexts with regard to work on HIV/AIDS.