22 August 2016, Vaniyampuzha:  A monsoon disease prevention camp had been conducted in June at Vaniyampuzha village. Vaniyampuzha is a small village in north Nilambur consisting of 33 familes belonging to the Paniya community. Most of these families depend on the nearby Chaliyar river and Vaniyampuzha stream for all their daily needs.  Community health workers Geeta and Ravi have been tracking cases in this village.  Since the training, there have been 5 cases of fever were reported this year of which 2 required hospitalization. This is a significant improvement over the past year, when 24 such cases had been recorded of which 3 required hospitalization.

Geeta and Ravi report that the families of Vaniyampuzha are practicing the simple do’s and dont’s regarding cleanliness and hygiene that had been shared with them during the camp. They are also now preparing and administering the oral rehydration solution at the first signs of diarrhea and are not as hesitant as they were earlier regarding consulting a physician.

IMG_20160820_121615 - CopyGeeta and Ravi have been working with Keystone in this area for the past three years.  Last week, five more Community Health Workers have been recruited and their training on physical and mental health aspects of the community is scheduled to begin soon. Vaishanavi and Shruthi  will be working in Nedumkayam and Mundakadavu villages, Mini in Vettilakolli, Ambumala and Palakkayam,   Sumitra in Appankappu, Ettappara and Narangapoyil and Shantha in Thandankallu and Chembra. They will be guided by the Health and Community Wellness team at Keystone.