1Moths appeared on Earth in the Jurassic period, nearly 195 million years ago and since then, have diversified into an astounding array of shapes, colours and sizes. Despite being one of the most speciose groups among insects, moths have always remained in the shadow of their cousins, the butterflies. Globally, of the approximate 1,80,000 species of butterflies and moths that comprise the Order Lepidoptera, moths account for about 1,60,000 species while butterflies account for less than 20,000.

2The Annual Moth Week, celebrated in July, was initiated to create interest among people about the immense diversity of moths. This year, we, at Keystone will be joining with enthusiasts around the world in cataloguing moths in our neighbourhood. Our event is registered with the National Moth Week Global Citizen Science initiative (http://nationalmothweek.org/) and the photo documentation will be uploaded in the India Biodiversity Portal – Indian Moths user group.

So, come join us for a glimpse of the amazing little nocturnal friends around us!

What: Movie screening of ‘Le Papilion’, a French movie, followed by Light trapping and Sugaring for Moths and photo session! DO BRING YOUR CAMERAS.
When: 6pm, Saturday, July 19 2014
Where: Keystone Campus, Plaza or outside Mandare