As a part of the Earth Day Celebration and Neighborhood Trees Campaign (Organised by India Biodiversity Portal), NNHS & Keystone Foundation oIMG_1552rganised a shola trail led by Shiny Rehel on 19 April 2015. The trail started at Attadi Junction and went upto saravanamalai formerly known as Tenerife. 13 enthusiastic participants walked through tea estates, plantations and shola forest. Acacia, Casuarina, Cupress and Pine were the trees commonly observed in plantations. This was a trail where the plantation was more dominant than the shola forest; but shola trees were seen in a small patch and along the plantation. The shola trees observed were  Gardneria ovata, Vaccinium leschenaultii seen along the border, Litsea spp., Schefflera capitata, Ternstroemia japonica, Turpinia cochinchinensis, Rhododendron arboreum subsp. nilagiricum and  Litsea spp.