Networking, learning, and sharing information with other likeminded groups/individuals not only provides new avenues of possibility but also strength from collective experience on work that is currently being done. Keystone engages with a number of organisations both within the country and abroad. Apart from working on joint projects and highlighting important issues, we also have the ability through these connections to come together and collectively bring about change at a much larger scale.

The international collaborations spans across the world as far and wide as Hawaii and Sweden. Through the networking Keystones work gets to travel the world as well as facilitate new knowledge to be brought back to the Nilgiris hub. The common thread amongst the partnerships are that they usually concern topics related to conservation, enterprises or livelihood, but no area is too big or too small if the topic is of interest to Keystone’s vision and mission.

Programme Components


Difference in governance approaches and the different implementations of policies depending on which state it concerns • Implementation of policies on a national level, which often comes into conflict with state-level concerns • Difficulty of language and translation in community-to-community exchange • Need of funds


Workshops and trainings • Facilitation and support of network partners and other NGOs in the country through the process of giving micro grants and small grants • Building common activities with other organisations which are related to either training or capacity building, or mutually working on lobbying and advocacy is possible • Supporting our partner’s products through a common platform and marketing strategy 


Knowledge sharing • Funding opportunities • Joint projects Exchange of knowledge and experiences, both nationally and internationally, concerning product development, marketing or other approaches • Regional exchange of products and knowledge with partners from across southeast Asia • Improved early efficiency and impact potential because of lessened learning curve on new projects




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