About the event

“This event was just the beginning of a bold, new journey and relationship.”

It will lead to new partnerships, exchanges, volunteering between these two regions, raising a corpus and funds, finding and exploring new ways of living and working"
Pratim Roy
Founder, Director - Keystone Foundation.

Soul of the Nilgiris

The book depicts the naturalness of the Nilgiri mountains and its people.

About the Book

The book traverses the cultural, ecological, colonial and the now drastically altered landscape of the Blue Mountains situated in the Western Ghat region of southern India, while attempting to draw attention to the lives of its indigenous people and the synergistic way in which they were attuned to the natural world. 

Recognition's and awards

Dandad, London, UK

Shortlisted for Book Design - Culture, Art & Design Books -2019

Designer Observer

Top 50 books in 2018


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