It seeks to improve how an organisation relates to the external environment and functions internally to attain high performance and high-quality work life. It addresses the entire system of an organisation – its members, structure, designing components, values and other factors that constitute the system. It plays a pivotal role in constantly improving and renewing an organisation.

Finance – Managing money

The main function of the Finance team is to ensure that all transactions are properly accounted for and the financial systems are maintained according to the adopted ‘Financial Policy.’ Managing bank accounts and overseeing money transfers between the head office and field offices, and other payments, such as salaries, advances, and project-related expenses also fall within their purview. Additionally, the Finance team assists and guides other members of the organisation by periodically providing relevant financial information.Facilitating internal and statutory audit, reporting to donors etc.

Administration – Keeping the wheels moving

The Administration at Keystone works hand-in-hand with the Finance Department. They keep the office organised and help run it efficiently.

Other than handling the day-to-day-communications requirements for the employees of the organisation, the Administration is responsible for creating, maintaining and updating documents and records relating to Keystone and its affiliated organisations.  Additionally, the Department oversees the office supplies and maintains the different types of equipment, while also facilitating various events – workshops, meetings, and training that take place.

The Administration team also ensures that all of Keystone’s visiting interns (local and international) have a smooth stay in the Nilgiris, by working with the Foreigners Registration Office (FRO) at Ooty – the Indian Government’s bureaucratic wing that oversees the mandatory legal process for international visitors.

Communications – Conversing beyond Imaginary lines

The Communications team at Keystone plays a pivotal role in building awareness of our organisation’s work among different audiences using several media, such as –Annual Report, Monthly e-newsletters, social media, YouTube videos, press releases and the website. Through these instruments, we focus on imparting the organisation’s values and knowledge to the world. By putting forth an accurate and vivid picture of Keystone’s various work efforts, the Communications team acts as the voice of the organisation to the public and donor’s eyes.

Field centers – Local hubs for communities

Since our work is related to subjects concerning the culture & traditions of indigenous communities and in conserving resources, flora & fauna species across forests and multifunctional landscapes in the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve, field areas are crucial in Keystone’s context of work.

Each field area has a full-time staff that engages with the communities constantly, collects data, and carries out programme related activities in the field. Currently, there are seven field areas (Kotagiri, Coonoor, Sigur, Hasanur, Pillur,Aracode and Nilambur) across which our work is carried out. All these areas are home to indigenous communities and rich biodiversity.

Infrastructure – Sustainable workspaces

Infrastructure for our organization is a great enabler importance. This enables us to organise our work, render services (Training, Workshops, & Meetings etc.), and act as a fundamental strength upon which people, strategies, processes, and operations are carried out.

From one-programme and one office-cum-workshop, Keystone Foundation has grown into ten major programmes and has incubated three sister organizations. There are a total of nine buildings that comprise seven offices, two meeting halls, two accommodation spaces and a community radio station.

Human Resources

Human Resources deal with the responsibilities, functions, behavior and importance of the employees. At Keystone, there is a fully functional seven-member (one external and six internal members) Human Resource Committee that facilitates general Training and capacity development forums, performance appraisals, potential appraisals and counseling besides looking into internal issues, employee welfare and safety.This is also the Sexual Harassment Committee.


Resources are important for carrying out any activity of an organization. Among these, financial resources are quite important and considerable effort is needed to raise these. The fundraising committee at Keystone Foundation works towards raising funds for the various programmes by applying for grants, having a constant engagement with current and previous donors, network partners and so on.




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