The People and Nature Fund (PNF), was initiated by the Keystone Foundation as a funding facility for grassroots groups working on the issues of environment protection and livelihoods of vulnerable communities in India. The fund recognises the important role of grassroots initiatives as communities are the key implementers of environment and development agendas. Small, atomized communities often face the brunt of rapid global changes and are impacted heavily by globalizing policies. Striving to make a change is often most palpable in the field and its relevance to the world is striking.

One of the key partners in many of Keystones’ endeavours has been Both ENDS, an environment and development organization based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with over 25 years’ history of working with civil society organizations in India and other countries in the global south.  Both ENDS has, among others, been involved in developing an Indo-Dutch Environmental NGO Fund within the framework of formal Dutch-Indian bilateral collaboration, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC, GoI).

The PNF has been initiated with some reserves of Keystone Foundation. This fund will be augmented with projects from different agencies. These will include national donors, Indian business CSRs, international and individual donors. Keystone actively seeks donations to keep this fund alive.

  • PNF does not support buildings, land purchases or capital improvements
  • PNF will take a case by case approach towards emergencies and humanitarian aid
  • PNF will not support religious and political activities


The PNF will support most types of non-governmental organisations that can provide evidence of their non-governmental status or charitable purpose. Priority will be given to socio-environmental groups with an agenda to promote gender balance.

In general, the People and Nature Fund will support

  • Community-based organisations
  • Womens’ Collectives
  • Civil society collectives
  • Non-governmental organisations (Trust or Societies)
  • Not for profit organisations
  • Para legal groups/individuals
  • Independent researchers
  • Student scholarship, fellowships
  • Barefoot experts in all fields
  • Community managed micro-enterprise Groups
  • Study Grants (for studies linked to grassroots action & specific CBOs

Current Available Grants

1. Community Empowerment Support for Indian NGOs.

This work focuses on capacity building, awareness raising and policy dialogue concerning natural resources, good governance, constitutional provisions in scheduled/tribal areas, and important laws such as the FRA and PESA. Note:  Call for proposals is currently closed.

2. Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA)

GAGGA envisions the strengthening and unifying of the women’s rights and environmental justice agendas, and works with both national and grassroots groups to bridge the gap between local and international lobbying and advocacy. Note:  The People and Nature Fund currently accepts solicited proposals only.

Funds are categorised as follows:

  1. Micro Grants upto INR  500,000
  2. Small Grants upto  INR  1,000,000
  3. Research Grants (for research linked to grassroots action & specific CBOs)
  4. Fellowships – project-based
  5. Opportunity Facility

For queries contact:

Grant Administrator Email: pnf(at)





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