Two pieces of training were held at Hasnur region as part of PGS. First one was on 9-10-2018 at the Keystone Field Ecology Centre and the other at the village level. Former one mainly dealt with information related to running a PGS farmer group, required paperwork, peer reviews, data collection etc and was facilitated by Mr.Robert Leo. It was a day-long training targeted to Barefoot ecologists and community resource persons who are also part of PGS at their village. All participated with interest and discussion, doubts were put up based on the information rendered. It ended with a pledge of organic agriculture of PGS.

Latter training was held on 25-10-2018 at Ittarai Village on Bio-input preparation. Chandran and Shivraj from Keystone Foundation facilitated the training. Village forest Council head’s house was chosen to be the place of training and 12 Conservation Agreement signed farmers from Thadasalatty, Bejalatty and Ittarai were the beneficiaries of the training. Training was rendered on the preparation of Panchagavya, Bio-pesticides and Vermicomposting.  Stepwise details were explained practically and with the help of charts. Farmers also helped in few steps of the preparations and were interested to try at their farms.