1The Participatory guarantee system (PGS) workshop was held on the 4th of December in keystone campus. There were around 50 members present  in the workshop and all hailed from various farmers groups across our working areas in The Nilgiris. The workshop was organised by the livelihoods team in order to bring an understanding of the concept of organic agriculture and the benefits of being certified by PGS.

2It was conducted mainly by Mr Samraj and Mr. Robert Leo, both have expertise in PGS. The members were told about their traditional methods of agriculture , how it had a positive impact on their health and how at the present scenario due to chemicals and pesticides the overall health is depleting. They were also intimated about the growing awareness and demand of organic products in the market and if they cultivate organically and become certified by PGS how they are likely to get better price for their produce.  The process of being certified without a third party but by a participatory method was also explained to them.The response from the farmers was promising as most of them seemed determined to start organic agriculture and those who already have, planned on being certified by the PGS.