Radio Kotagiri (90.4 MHz) was granted a project by the Department of Science & Technology to raise awareness on “Health and Nutrition” for women in our region, earlier this year. As a part of the project, our radio team planned and administered an eye camp for the residents of Pudu Kotagiri and the neighbouring habitations on June 20th, 2017. The camp was held at the local community hall; which made it convenient for the residents to know about and attend the camp.

Junior Chamber International (JCI) representatives for the Kotagiri region helped our team get in touch with Lotus Hospital & Institution, Mettupallayam. One doctor along with five attendants and nurses carried out the entire check-up from 10:00am – 2:00pm. The camp turned out to be beneficial for the locals, especially the elderly. A total of 78 people, mostly women took part in the camp.

Due to this event, we were able to provide aid to the people. The team are planning to reach out to the population that are suffering from inadequate access to basic healthcare. Substantial effort is being directed towards to organizing more such similar events at Kotagiri in the coming months, which will pay more attention to women and the elderly.Events focused on spreading awareness to women are being conducted in villages surrounding the Kotagiri region at least once a week.  Through this we hope to make an impact and serve the people that are uninformed about the significance of health, and the consequences of neglecting health.