Keystone Foundation and Nilgiri Natural History Society participated in the Neighbourhood Trees Campaign, 2014 being promoted by the TreesIndia @ India Biodiversity Portal. The aim of the campaign was to document natural & cultural history of the trees, have a species page for each tree, to find easy ways to identify trees, initiate campaigns to conserve, protect, and restore endangered tree species.

We conducted this campaign in three places around Kotagiri –

1) Happy Valley, a small forest patch near the Keystone Campus that is critical for the health of the spring water source for the households residing in the area,

2) Banagudi village’s sacred grove, where community members and a group of 30 NCC students from Bangalore participated, and

3) Longwood Shola, in partnership with the Watchdog Committee and involving members of the public.

In all we contributed 75 observations to the TreesIndia portal, of which two species were featured observations – Glochidion neilgherrense and Celastraceae member.

We hope that this campaign would be conducted annually and that it would popularise conservation among the general public.