In this context, there are two highlights for the year. The first is that we supported the submission of claims to community forest resources by the villages of Sen¬galcombai, Kavalcombai and Joghicombai.

The second is our support to the Hosapodu Gram Sabha in Punanjanur, Karnataka to help them set up a value addition centre invoking their forest rights that have been formally recognized. This process includes dimensions of capacity building on value addition, sustainable harvests and forest monitoring. For more details on capacity building initiatives for forest monitoring, please refer section on Conservation. Unfortunately, local politics led to the seizure of over a tonne of honey by the Punanjanur Forest Range Officer from the Grama Sabha. At the resolution and request of the Grama Sabha, we helped them seek legal recourse and retrieve their produce with a successful representation to the Chamarajnagar Court. The Court found the ownership of the honey to rest with the Grama Sabha and directed the Range Officer to return the honey. In this case we worked closely with the Soliga Abhivriddhi Sangha who has been instrumental in successfully lobbying for this recognition.