1The Swallows regional partners meeting was hosted by Keystone Foundation from 27th to 30th November at the Keystone campus. 35 participants attended consisting of partners from Bangladesh, India and Sweden.

Engendering mobilization and sustainable social change was the theme for the four days. Plenary sessions on gender movements, stories from the field and group work to look at three themes – violence against women, access issues and leadership. A session on post 4elections analysis in all three countries was interesting. The participants made a three year gender gender action plan which needs to be implemented. Brigitta Goranson, one of the founders of Swallows was there to support the meeting and speak about the future of Swallows, she knows Keystone from the beginning and has always been supportive. She is currently on the board. Monica Erwer, director of Swallows facilitated the event.