For many years rubbish has been seen as an environmental and health issue in the Nilgiris, a problem to be dealt with. Yesterday, The Nilgiri Natural History Society invited all interested people to attend a talk and discussion on waste management in the Nilgiris at the Bee Museum in Ooty.

Resource person at the event was Arun Belli from BERU Foundation. He mainly spoke about people of the Nilgiris have been living beyond the sustainable capacity of the planet for a very long period of time. The challenge is to find ways of living that do not contribute to global warming, destruction of biodiversity and so on.

Mr. Bellie had many ideas and was keen to share them with all of us that attended. One of those ideas was to start at a small-scale level and engage school children to address the issue. Mr. Bellie has already started one project in collaboration with four schools in the Nilgiris area. Thanks to the efforts of a few dedicated waste activists, “The Blue Mountain Warriors” – a group of young children initiating small-scale door-to-door waste collection and recycling initiatives, this project has been successful. The project aims at contributing towards improving the livelihoods of villages adjoining to Kotagiri.