Role & Challenges of Governance, Administration & Human Resources Development

An organisation is like the human body. It never has a constant healthy or a mal-function situation. Its inputs are varied, processes are complex and outputs are divergent. Since the past one year the Administration team has had to deal with HR issues of staff behaviour, complaints, lack of cooperation often leading to litigations in labour courts and justice issues. Many would say, that after 20 years, an organisation experiencing suddenly a spurt of these incidents, just shows a change in health status. How did all this begin and what was the trigger? Without naming the individuals who have triggered this process and exploited the situation, awareness of labour courts, unions, rules and regulations (such as standing orders), has grown rivalry between other organizations in the same sector (playing it out through individuals), the lack of proper handling of HR issues (anger and losing patience), laxity in systems of monitoring and control (internal audits) has led to these situations.

Notwithstanding the tremendous time, effort spent by the Administration and senior management team on these issues, the opportunity for us to handle this side and start to pro-actively address HR issues, mentoring issues, clarity in systems and dealing with people and issues has led to the system being more aware, strong and holistic.

Today we have a team that has hands-on experience and capable of sighting problems and issues. This has led to a certain degree of closeness with tightening of an open system – making it more rigid with strict con­trols by the administration, tracking of personnel and HR issues. All this needs constantly to be reviewed and revisited, because nobody or organization is stagnant. Though our values and ethics are the core foundation, we need to be aware not to be caught in a time warp. “Those were the days, or we used to deal with it like that then”. What do you do now is most relevant and important. Present is the crucial element. Trust, confidence, openness, transparency, forthright are the basic tenets of a good organization. At Key­stone with diverse social, culture and economic groups – this has several interpretations and nuances. It takes time for people to open up and communicate freely. It’s not that they don’t believe in these values and virtues, but the context coupled with several situations makes it sometimes more complex than simple.

But as we complete this year and realize that this is an important aspect of Organizational Development, we need to factor and groom good people to couple the work with the human aspects, so that each person gets good nourishment from this place and truly grows and progress. Then the elements which do not fit this ecosystem will fall off, like they have in the past several months. Homeostasis is the ability of the system to regain, calibrate – the body does it constantly, without medicines – the organization also, like the body is consciously doing it, sometimes with some medicines and sometimes through natural healing and special diet and exercises.