A series of training programmes targeted towards vocational and skill development of tribal youth were organized across the year. The programmes focused on life skills, book keeping and financial management, carpentary, crochet, jewellery making, ironsmithry, plumbing and mechanical skills, vermicomposting techniques, ecotourism and tailoring. A total of 62 training sessions were conducted in which 810 persons participated.

The women’s group who received training in cro¬chet has now organized themselves into a group called Manali Poo with three members earning an average supplementary income of Rs. 4000/month from crocheted articles. A follow up training on book keeping and financial management was conducted for members of the Aadhimali Pazhankudiyinar Producer Company. This training was held with the support of staff volunteers from the Barclays Bank who designed an easy to use ERP programme for the purpose. The Bank also supported the hardware required for the training.