Keystone Foundation and Nilgiri Natural History Society jointly organize TRADITIONAL  KNOWLEDGE  FAIR

The Nilgiris is home to more than 30 different indigenous communities or adivasi groups. Each group is dependant on the Squareland, water and forest for their livelihoods. This dependence has lead to a deep understanding about nature that is unique to these communities. The traditional knowledge that communities have is often disregarded and given less importance whereas it is this knowledge that has helped these ancient societies survive for so long.  Traditional knowledge helps communities use their natural resources with respect and understanding. When this knowledge is lost, cultures are lost and identities fade away.

Keystone Foundation has been working for many years to conserve and preserve the traditional knowledge of the adivasi communities of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The Nilgiri Natural History Society aims to promote the values of co-existence between people and biodiversity. Together we would like to celebrate Traditional Knowledge of the Adivasis of the NBR.

Children play an important role in sustaining cultures and the knowledge they acquire from their elders is very crucial to this. Traditional knowledge is about the land, forests, water, climate, seasons, animals, plants, stars, beliefs etc. Many groups of adivasi children from across the NBR will present their traditional knowledge, through posters, pictures, exhibits and we would like to invite you to be part of this event. Come learn from the children about their rich traditions!

DATE: February 1st and 2nd | VENUE: NEHRU PARKInvitation_Page_1


  • Traditional knowledge exhibition
  • Competitions for children
  • Traditional food stalls
  • Music
  • Traditional music
  • Dances
  • Traditional sports and games