1136Tamil Nadu State Land Use Research Board, State Planning Committee recently conducted a workshop on “ Green Economy for Tamil Nadu” at State Planning Commission (SPC) under the Chairmanship of Vice Chairman, SPC and in the presence of the Principal Secretary to  Government, Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Department (Planning & Development).The key objective of this workshop was to promote the Green Economy equity without damaging the environment, it is and economic development model based on the sustainable development using the knowledge of ecological economics and aimed for the optimum returns. In their presentations, the Keystone Foundation- discussed their efforts in implementing development schemes for the local people of the Nilgiri district, particularly tribal, using local knowledge without damaging the environment.

Workshop TeamWorkshop Session

The Director, Keystone foundation, Kotagiri, The Nilgiri District gave an introduction to the Green Economy, its objectives and elaborated on concepts like, inclusive growth, sustainable development and environmental governance. He stated that the Keystone Foundation has been working in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve since the last 20 years and their programmes areas are (a) Forests based Livelihoods (b) Reviving Hill Agriculture for Food Sovereignty and (c) Certification and Marketing. The main aim of the Keystone Foundation is to address the issues of the indigenous people of the Nilgiri District leading to sustainable development and overall wellbeing of the community. He also spoke on the Environmental Governance on the Nilgiri district. A short film titled “Health of the hills in the wealth of the plains” was shown and was followed by a presentation on the key areas of their work. Key recommendations are presented at the end of this workshop report.